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We Are Not Losing 22 Veterans To Suicide Every 24 Hours...

by Michael on 03/15/16


Big corporations support veteran organizations based on purposeful misrepresentations of the truth...for example...#22KILL. #22KILL is a veteran organization that supports the 2010-2012 whitewashed VA stat of 22 veteran suicides every 24 hours. Misrepresentation of the truth? 100%. Lying by way of omission? 100%. What is the lie? The lie is as follows...the VA gleaned that information by way of collating stats from only 21 STATES. 29 STATES WERE/ARE UNACCOUNTED FOR.

The 21 states the VA garnered said info from were and still are the only states that have verifiable mechanisms in place tracking veteran suicides. The remaining 29 states in our Union do not. ALSO, out of the 29 unaccounted for states, Texas and California, two of the largest states in our country where the majority of our veterans live, DO NOT REPORT VETERAN SUICIDES.

Fact...suicide is severely under-reported every day, in every state in our country, for every citizen, civilian and veteran alike. Suicides are not properly diagnosed on death certificates for a myriad of reasons. A few of the most important...purposeful drug overdoses and automobile accidents are documented as accidental unless there is irrefutable proof that suicide was the cause. Irrefutable proof? A suicide note or someone having direct knowledge that suicide was the cause of death. Suicides are often 'brushed under the carpet' by our citizens of wealth who wish to avoid embarrassing fallout and scrutiny.

22 suicides per day...I am angered over this horrible abuse of the truth and the resulting disrespect foisted upon the surviving family members of all of dead veterans. Somewhere 29 families, respective friends, co-workers, loved ones are purposefully forgotten. My thoughts on why the full truth is not being reported? One can only speculate. I have since stopped trying to figure out the why and am solely focused on presenting the truth and how Warriors in Heart can remedy this growing disgraceful, disgusting, dirty little secret.

In my persistent/tenacious search for the truth and sharing it here and elsewhere re: veteran suicides...it falls on deaf ears more than it is received with a passion and energy to help me...heard with open minds and felt with open hearts. In my persistent and tenacious representation of the TRUTH, I have pled for corporate sponsorship with zero expressed interest. Others can perpetuate lies, i.e. #22KILL and get national attention and corporations backing them without seemingly blinking an eye. For the life of me, I will NEVER understand how backwards, dangerous, and damaging this is for our vets and their family members.

We are losing AT LEAST 40 veterans to suicide every 24 hours. Since 2001...we have lost over 215,000 warrior men and women to suicide. We are in trouble...big...big...trouble.

Warriors in Heart has solutions. I have written that fact based comment thousands of times on this site. I am still waiting for a corporation to contact me with great news...that being...they are behind our mission and will do all they can to help us get our much needed life saving mission statement and mission out to our uninformed and misinformed nation. One veteran suicide is too many. 22 suicides a day is a grossly and purposefully perpetuated under-reported lie. Mark these words once again...the untreated PTSD, untreated addictive illness, suicide epidemic flood gates have not even opened yet.

I will never grow tired of asking for your help. My brothers and sisters fought for every freedom you wake up with in the morning and go to bed with at night. They keep the wolves of terror AND tyranny off your front door steps every minute of every day. Once they come home, their burdens belong to us. WE are responsible for taking care of them. The VA mental healthcare system is broken. Our warriors continue to take their own lives. I AM NOT QUIET NOR AM I COMPLICIT REGARDING THEIR DEATHS. What say you?


Michael Maloney
US Army Veteran and Founder
Warriors in Heart, Inc.

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